Sunday, April 3, 2016

B is for Bok Choy

Another vegetable that we've learned to love is Bok Choy. In stir fry, sauteed or steamed alone as a side, or cut up in soup, it is really delicious.  I've been growing one or another variety (pak choy, green choy, mini choy, Chinese cabbage) of this vegetable for several years.  It's also very low in calories - only about 9 calories per cup, and high in vitamins A and C! Win!!!

 If you don't have a lot of room, there's a mini version called Extra Dwarf Pak Choy that I've been growing for several years in the potted garden, and it does pretty well all summer in the shade there. The seeds are viable from about 3 to 7 years.

I start these Bok Choy in the greenhouse and then transplant out to the main garden after only a few weeks, as it grows at a quick pace. The seeds are pretty reliable and I've never had any problem with germination.
Transplanted to the garden on March 6th.
They do try to bolt early, but I pinch off the flowers as they start to encourage the plant to continue to grow.  The flower heads are really good added to your salad, by the way!
Almost ready to harvest!  

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  1. Very cool. I never knew that is what it looked like growing.