Friday, July 29, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day FIFTEEN --- Horns & Antlers Week

We had so much fun at summer camp today -- we took a trip to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch so the girls could see all kinds of animals with horns and antlers!
We started out with breakfast at Denny's in Boerne. 

 Then we were off! We arrived at the ranch at about 10:30am. Here we go! We're looking for animals with horns or antlers....
 Well -- here's a good example right away! These are antlers, Jossie. I think the girls enjoyed being able to look at these animals so up close without being strapped into their seats. Plus - they had food to throw out to them!
KT sped through her sack of feed very fast, but we found out Joss is a little stingy with hers -- she had to be prompted to throw out the pellets. 
 There's a buffalo, Joss! Do you see the horns!!?
 Wow! Some impressive horns on this Gemsbock -- did you know both the males and the females have horns?
The MOST IMPRESSIVE horns we saw all day were on these Watusi cattle. YYYYUUUGGE!!! Of course, our own Texas longhorn cattle came in a close second.
 Uh oh! Here comes that pesky Ostrich!  Joss, you'd better get back!
 Even Grumpy was a little wary of that ostrich!
 KT was wearing her new deer shirt that she made on Tuesday.  Looking good!
 I can not get these two girls to look at the camera at the same time. It's seriously impossible.
We walked through the ranch exhibits and petting zoo next.  You notice that Grumpy just ignores the signs (I can't blame Joss, she can't read.) 
 Feeding the Koi fish was fun.

 The petting area was full of goats of all shapes and sizes. They were not interested in the food pellets, mostly because they were all obviously spoiled rotten.  They would eat the paper sack though, if you'd let them. Ha!  The girls petted and brushed them, which the goats really enjoyed!

After a thorough hand washing, we went to the Safari Cafe there for lunch.  It was already 1:00, so we were all hungry!
 Finally we hit the souvenir shop - KT got a parrot (?) and Joss got a zebra. Then we headed home.

Joss was T - I - R - E - D! Sleeping with Rocky and Zeebie!

We changed into our suits and hit the swimming pool to cool off -- it was heavenly! We had such a fun day.  I can't believe there's only a few more weeks of camp to go. This summer is rushing by so fast.
Next week we're having Oceans and Waters week at camp - KT will be gone on Tuesday but we'll still have Joss, and then Sea World for our field trip on Thursday.  Should be a fun week!

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day FOURTEEN --- Horns & Antlers Week

This week we're looking at animals that have either horns or antlers! We started the day with breakfast that included longhorn toast (although we needed bigger toast! This cookie cutter barely fit!)
 After breakfast, we started making some new camp shirts - these were made with deer stencils. I just find a good picture (usually coloring pages) and copy it to a full size label sheet, then cut that out and lay it on the shirt.) Then the girls dabbed fabric paint all around it.
 We used a brown paint, and then glittered brown paint over top of that to give the shirts some glitz!  After that we had to let them sit and dry a bit.  So on to the next activity which these girls love - face painting.  I tried to make these two active girls into deer.  It was lots of fun and KT and Joss love having their faces painted.

I made them both deer headbands to go with their faces - they were so cute.  They love dressing up.

 Then it was time for some outside play.  They were playing with soap bubbles here. Crazy girls!
 After lunch and rest time we made deer masks - cutting, gluing, and glittering.  Today we weren't able to swim because we were having some much needed rain, so we spent the late afternoon watching the Disney movie "Inside Out" until it was time to go home.
 While they were watching the movie, I peeled off the stickers and washed their new t-shirts to set the paint.  They turned out so cute!
On Thursday we're going to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! KT's been before, but its been several years ago, and it will be Joss's first trip.  Should be fun!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Movie Review --- Star Trek Beyond

Well, finally a movie worth seeing this summer!

It's been a summer of disappointments so far.  This was really good, lots of action, a good story line, and some wonderful nods to Leonard Nimoy and his contributions to the Star Trek saga. 

If you're a Trekkie, you'll love this one.
There's some great interactions between Doctor McCoy and our Spock - if you know the past movies, you'll really enjoy their banter. And the pairing of Scotty (she calls him "Montgomery Scotty") and the new alien ally Jaylah (he calls her "Lassie") was so cute. 

I love movies that make you care about the characters and what happens to them. My only complaint was that much of this movie was filmed in the dark, which makes sense when you're on a planet where the inhabitants are underground. But it's hard on my 65 year old eyesight. 
Side note - Chris Pine's looking a bit haggard in this movie. Maybe its aging, but it was really noticeable.

The Many Faces of Max

Max and family came to visit us yesterday -- he's finally getting out and about! He's growing...and has so many expressions.  Here's a few pics from yesterday....
 Grumpy got to give the first feeding.
 Where am I?
 I've never seen this place before.
 I'm tired....
 Time for another feeding.
Milk coma...time for a nap!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day THIRTEEN --- Free Play & Games Week

We only had one day of camp this week because the girls were at the coast with their Dad's entire family last weekend and early this week.  I know they had a blast! I heard that Joss really loved the sand, surf and beach! Mimi got to follow along with their adventures via their Mom's Instagram account.
Thursday we just had a free play day at camp -- it started with bubbles!
 Then we did some chalking on the pavilion floor....
 Joss is still into free form.....
then she rode the tricycle for a long time -- since she's learned to use the peddles herself we can't get her off the thing!
KT checked the flowers she planted last week -- one of the seeds is up and growing!
 They both painted the outside of their bean pots that we didn't get to plant last week. KT spent a really long time on hers - she loves to paint.  Joss is more the slap-dash type of painter right now! Ha!

 We hit the library today, too! Joss loves to play with their huge stuffed animals.  She's sitting with the big black horse here.
KT wanted a cookbook. (??) I think this must be here latest passion - cooking.  She does her own research at the library, and knows how to use their computer to search the database.  I only help her with spelling some.  She found a cookbook she wanted to check out - Disney Princess's Cookbook! When we got home, we found one she could make while her sister napped!
 Of course, she made these Magic Wands her own style by adding extra "eyes" to some of them.  She's a hoot!
After nap time was over, Grumpy got home from his doctor's appointment, so we all got in a swim in the pool.  I forgot to bring my phone out with me, so no photos of pool time today.  Bummer!

I had planned a few old style games for us to play today that we never got to.  I did find out that these girls will just amuse themselves if I sit back and just let them go.  So today I did just that and let them set the pace.  It was a fun day!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wine Season -- Garden Huckleberry Wine

We decided to use the garden huckleberries to make wine! 

About a week ago, I pulled all the stems off of the stash I had been accumulating in the fridge (5 pounds, 9 ounces), cooked them with about 1/4 cup of baking soda and water, then rinsed them and cooked again with lemon and sugar. 

The water turned a psychedelic green when cooking with the baking soda. Quite pretty!
Then I added the ingredients for the wine (boiling water, sugar, lemon juice, one large container of frozen concentrated grape juice, yeast) and stirred the whole thing up in my big red wine bucket. I had this covered with a cheesecloth and stirred daily for the past 4 days.  There was some foaming, and this was skimmed off once a day.
Then on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?) I strained it and moved to the carboy. 
It's a beautiful color, smells like wine now, and has a sweet, fizzy taste. It's going to be sitting in a dark, cool corner, wrapped in a dark cloth for the next 3 weeks.
I've checked it and it's still bubbling....and I've had to clean out the airlock once because of bubbles. 
We'll see how this one goes!  Now, on to the elderberries! I have almost 14 pounds of elderberries in the fridge right now and a few more to pick in the next few days. That's gonna make a lot of wine!