Friday, November 28, 2014

Lego's Instructions 1973

This is fantastic and applies today as it did in the past.  No limits.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mary, Did You Know

This is totally breathtaking....I had to go get their album immediately on Amazon.  Such a beautifully performed work.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthdays, Octoberfest and other celebrations....

We had a whirlwind at the beginning of the month, starting with two birthdays, JR's....

JR & Ash brought everyone some things from Hawaii!

and mine. We celebrated at Grady's....

Then a huge Octoberfest party where I failed to take hardly any pictures. Really big time photo fail.

Mario Kart brothers...
 KT, where are you?
 Lots of food
 The kids play area
 Beeps and Addie!
 Lots of wine and German beer was had, along with a great bunch of conversation and a big bonfire. And I didn't take any pictures.  :-(

Around the Winter garden ....

We finally had a good winter blast.  Darn!
The morning glories are kaput!
 We wrapped the two fig trees, hope they will be okay!
Dwarf Siberian Kale
 I planted several pots of various greens several weeks ago.  They are loving the warm humid greenhouse.
 Dutch Corn Salad
Swiss Chard Bright Lights 
Mini Bak Choy
The tomato pots I pulled up and moved to the greenhouse have resettled very well.  I was worried a bit since I had to yank out a few tap roots when I moved them.

 I took all of the green tomatoes off before the frost.  They are destined for green tomato chutney when I can cook again.
 The roses are still blooming away...both of these are from the butterfly rose bush.

This little eggplant seed has the "will to live." it's a mini, ornamental. Poor thing just kept chugging along, from seedling to small pot, to bigger pot, to garden.  All summer it just languished until this fall when I dug it up and put it back in a pot and stuck it in the greenhouse.  Now look how it rewards me! A tiny little jewel!

Lack of posts due to ....

(in the car on the way home from surgery)

I finally decided to take care of my VERY irritating trigger thumb in a permanent way.  I had day surgery on Tuesday and have been in this irritating infuriating huge bulky wrap ever since.  Its been hell ... in my own little selfish world...can't do anything with my left hand.  I'm typing this with one finger! Arghhh!!!  I go back to the doctor tomorrow for follow up and then final appt another week from that, so I'm guessing there's more irritation to come, but all should be well then.  No pain now, so there's that.  Poor John is having to do everything around here.  Pray for him! Ha!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chick Flick alert!!! Let's go see this in December.....

I'm looking forward to this so much, but I know John could not sit through all of the singing. Have to count on my chick flick group in December!

Monday, November 3, 2014

What I Did on Sunday (and it took all day!)

We only painted one of the little pie pumpkins this year -- the one KT decorated for me.  Sunday I cut it up and its all ready to make a pie that John has requested.  Hopefully I'll get around to that today.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Three Roosters

So somehow we've ended up with three roosters.  Too many, I know....but I'm reluctant to get rid of any of them since they all have their own personality and, so far, they seem to get along fine.  If they do start to fight, I have the old chicken house I can move one of them into if we have to.
This is Harley -- he's the oldest chicken here, a Bantum rooster.  Also, he's in charge of everyone.  The big roosters obey his every wish, at least so far.
Here is Romeo.  He's a lover, not a fighter, a big tall fellow, who comes right up to you when you go in the chicken yard. He's hoping for a handout.
And this is Darryl.  He's beautiful, the tail feathers have gorgeous teal highlights on black feathers.  So far he's the most timid of all of them.  

I enjoy spending time out in the chicken yard with these guys -- they're endlessly amusing and seem to enjoy anyone spending time with them. They love a hand out, so I usually try to take some bread or something out with me when I go.

Halloween Night!

We had such fun last night watching KT and Joss trick-or-treat.
Astrid and Toothless - it's hard to tell here, but Joss's costume has some wings sewn in under her arms, really cute!
The Viking family!

  I'm so impressed with Colleen's craftiness -- I'm not going to lie.  I NEVER thought she'd be such a crafty person - but I'm going to take credit for being a sometimes crafty person while she was growing up.  She HAND sewed little Joss's costume.  WHAT??!!! Yes, I said it... hand sewed.  Knock me over with a feather! ha ha! And it was so cute!
KT was Astrid from the How to Train Your Dragon movies, and Joss was Toothless, the black dragon.  (although, she does have two teeth now!) ha ha!

John decided to dress up as a cowboy to impress his granddaughter, complete with spurs.  We had "mummy" dogs and beans for supper, and plenty of candy for dessert.

It was such fun.  I love watching KT enjoy herself -- she loves dress up.
 Cowboys are good at feeding babies.... (sorry for the red eyes, Joss)
Time to go home, the baby's asleep!

Movie Review --- America: Imagine the World Without Her

John and I finally watched D'Souza's latest documentary about America on pay-per-view.  When it first came out, we were hoping to see it in the theater but never got around to it.  It was advertised at that time with this trailer:

I found it to be a very interesting list of arguments against the usual victim-hood complaints that you hear often in the media and from many people who have been brain-washed on the liberal college campuses.
D'Souza lists several groups of American citizen victims such as the American Indian, the radical Mexican who believes that their land was "stolen" by the American people, African Americans who feel they haven't been properly reimbursed for the experience of slavery, the "No WAR" crowd who still believes that we have no business involving ourselves in wars anywhere for no reason at all, and the anti-capitalists.  Then he takes each of those arguments and presents information that shows how much America has benefited each of those groups.  We found some of the arguments, most really, to be very thought provoking.  If people will open their minds to new information, there might be a chance for our country.

Unfortunately most people are so concrete in their sure knowledge that "they know what they know" and won't listen.  Its a cancer we have in this country, the "victimization" industry only stays alive if they can convince people they are victims.
We've been talking about the movie quite a bit, so it's well worth watching just for some good conversation!