Sunday, March 10, 2019

Garden Log --- March 10, 2019

There are 8 tomato plants in their permanent place in the garden now.  I sure hope they will be okay, I'm seeing some forecasts for this coming Friday that have me a little worried!!! Oh well, I have buckets to cover them if needed, but I sure hope the forecasts are wrong (and they usually are.) 

The tomatoes that went in are Butter Apple (a yellow full sized tomato), Purple Bumblebee (blue red cherry), Monkey's Ass (a full sized red), and Sweet Millions (small red cherry).  
A few of the cherry tomatoes have a harvest date of 55 days from transplant, so hopefully we'll be getting some tomatoes by early May! Finger's crossed! 🤞

On Saturday I planted all of the beet seeds, too.  They are:

I have some bunching onions at the edge of this bed - one stand has been there all winter and I put in another two that I've been babying along in the greenhouse. 

Today I added another row in the lettuce tower, except I planted dwarf blue scotch kale in them. The first little lettuce seedlings are starting to show up!
John took down the temporary shelter he had created for me this winter around the outside gazebo. It did such a great job of keeping everything alive.  The fig tree really liked it in there, we counted 10 little figs on it!  I spent part of the day refreshing most of these pots that were in there, adding soil and fertilizer.
I did the same with the Key Lime tree. It's blooming already, but some of the leaves are yellow, so it needs some TLC.  The Mayan Spinach, which has started to send out some nice shoots, needs a bigger pot - the roots have busted out of the bottom of the one it is in. I'll have to get one this week.  And finally I planted the Moringa tree. Not sure how it will do - there are no leaves on it, but the stalk is still green and supple, so we'll see.  

The first of the Swiss Chard is coming up!

More from the garden tomorrow!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Garden Log --- March 8, 2019

Okay, so, I jumped the gun and went ahead and planted out some of the peppers and tomatoes. I sure hope I don't regret this, but.... I couldn't wait another day! ha!  

I'm trying some of those felt grow bags this year.  They're pretty inexpensive, so we'll see how they do.  They're cloth, so hopefully they won't dry out too fast, but John will fix them up with a drip, so they should be okay.  One has two Shishito pepper plants in it, and the other has two Friggitello pepper plants in it. 
 Two Friggitello peppers (Sweet)

I started planting in the new tomato row, first a full sized red tomato (Aussie), followed by a red cherry tomato (Valentine), then a brown full sized tomato (Black From Tulia), and finally another red cherry (Tomatoberry). They're planted two feet apart. 
 Tomatoberry (Hybrid)
These seedlings have developed some nice roots!

Saturday I'll be putting in some more if it doesn't rain too much. We're expecting some rain during the night, if at all.