Sunday, January 6, 2019

Garden Log --- January 6, 2019

Today I planted the cherry type tomatoes and I'm excited to see how they do!  Out to the greenhouse now.

I am growing a mix of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes this year, I really need to make sure I get a good harvest because I'm almost out of salsa, and we can't have that! 

Pink markers are full sized, pale purple markers are cherry tomatoes

Thai Pink Egg - pink to red oval cherry, Indeterminate
Purple Bumblebee - dark red and green streaked cherry, Indeterminate
Honey Bunch (Hybrid) - yellow grape, Indeterminate
Kumato (Hybrid) - very dark red large cherry (I saved these seeds from grocery purchase, so no telling what I'll get!
Sara's Galapagos Red - tiny red currant type, Indeterminate
Sweet Millions (Hybrid) - small red cherry, Indeterminate
Tomatoberry (Hybrid) - strawberry shaped red cherry, Indeterminate
Hundred and Millions - small red cherry, Determinate
Valentine (Hybrid) - red grape tomato, Indeterminate
Early Ssubakus Aliana - small yellow cherry, Indeterminate
Dances with Smurf's - blue (turning deep red) cherry, Indeterminate
Champagne - Pale yellow cherry, Indeterminate

Friday, January 4, 2019

Garden Log -- January 3, 2019

These are the full sized tomatoes that I'm planting this year. They've been planted in a flat now, and are going out to the greenhouse once I get the cherry tomatoes planted in the same flat. 
  1. Aussie - Large red beefsteak type, Indeterminate
  2. Big Rainbow - Large, Yellow with red streaks, Indeterminate
  3. Black from Tula - Dark Red flattened, Indeterminate
  4. Butter Apple - Full sized yellow, Indeterminate
  5. Cow's Tit - Elongated paste tomato, Indeterminate
  6. Faelan's First Snow - Full sized purple, Indeterminate, supposed to have variegated leaves (!!)
  7. Hillbilly - Full sized, yellow/red stripes, Indeterminate
  8. Monkey's Ass - Full sized red oxheart type, Indeterminate
  9. Pink Stuffer - Full sized pink, Indeterminate
  10. Wolverine - Full sized, yellow with purple shoulders, Determinate
Some fun varieties there, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out! The cherry tomatoes will be next.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Stumbling into Ketogenics

New year, new goals....
Today John and I both started the Keto diet plan.  It's been fine so far, but I didn't make the goal needed of 75% of my food being fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs.  I think its going to be trial and error for a while until I can wrap my head around all the details.  

I don't think it will be hard, but it's just very new to me. We were all raised on the USDA food pyramid, and eating all this fat is going to be strange.  These are the types of foods that have always been a no-no on calorie based diets! I should add, my heart doc encouraged me to try this way of eating, so I guess it's legit!

Tonight's dinner was a taco salad! Very tasty!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Garden Log -- December 30, 2018

My sweet and hot pepper starts

The sweet peppers went into the seedling cups today! I'm using a seed starter mix that was recommended to me by many of the gardeners in my FB group, ProMix.  I wish I could get it locally, but they didn't carry it at Home Depot.  I may try Lowe's the next time I go into town.  I had to order from Amazon.

  1. Doe Hill Pepper - these are the seeds I picked up at Monticello this past year when we visited there. An heirloom from pre-1900s. Yellow pepper
  2. Paradicsom Alaku Saga Szentes Pepper - yellow pepper
  3. Peperone di Cuneo Pepper - Italian from Cuneo, Italy Yellow and Red pepper
  4. Giant Sweet Devil's Horn - orange pepper
  5. Manganji Pepper - Red pepper from Kyoto, Japan
  6. Friggitello Pepper - another Italian pepper, green fry type
  7. Aranyalma Pepper - Hungarian pepper, yellow
  8. Rosso Dolce Da Appendere - red fry pepper from Southern Italy
  9. Chocolate Mini Bell - small maroon/brown red peppers
  10. Lilac Bell - purple bell peppers

I know....too many.  Good thing we love sweet peppers around here.  These will go out to the greenhouse on a heat pad tomorrow.

Next up, tomatoes, sometime early this next week.

Garden Log --- December 29, 2018

I'm having a hard time controlling my impulse to plant something.... dang! This cold weather had better let up soon. It appears that we're in for a few really cold days next week, even some possible ice in the forecast.  I've continued to get a few tomatoes from the greenhouse....not many but a few.
I've not been happy with the fall/winter garden, we lost a lot of it with a real early frost and one night that got into the teens, so I was really bummed. Despite my neglect, the remaining plants have kept right on growing - the really hardy ones! I was surprised at the endive, something I've never grown before. 
Kale, endive and corn salad (mache)
Three trays of microgreens in the greenhouse

I got a piece of sugar cane from my FB garden group and it's rooting on the windowsill in the kitchen.  This thing is rooting FAST! I guess I'll pot it up to begin with, not quite sure what or where I'll put it.

Snap peas, broccoli and more kale
Chirimin Haikasu cabbage, Casper kale and another shot of the endive

Another experiment with some seed I got from my FB garden group.  I had to soak these guava seed for a couple of weeks before planting (I followed the advice of a couple of You-tube gardeners.) They actually soaked closer to three weeks because of Christmas doings, but one set had started to sprout in the water, so I had to get them in their pots. I had 12 seeds each of Colombian Red and Apple Red guava seeds. They are in the greenhouse on a heat mat now.

Now for some excitement!! It's time to start the baby plants for the spring garden.  First up, the peppers, since they are the most reluctant to germinate and take FOREVER.... Yesterday I set them all in water to soak, and today they went into the little seedling cups. I put two in each, and will separate them if they all germinate (highly unlikely!) 
  1. Beaver Dam 500 to 1,000 shu
  2. Shishito most are sweet, but a few will be hot
  3. Sugar Rush Peach 100,000 to 200,000 shu (saved seeds)
  4. Large Jalapeno - 5,000 shu (saved seeds from last year's hybrid, LaBamba - who knows what I'll get?!!)
  5. Poblano pepper, 2000 shu
  6. Lombok pepper, mild, zero to 1,000 shu
  7. Spanish Padron tapas pepper, 500 to 2,500 shu
  8. Feher Ozon Paprika pepper, very mild heat

Today I put the sweet peppers in the soaking cups, and will plant them tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Cookies for Christmas, Part 1

I've been in "getting ready for Christmas" mode this week and making some sweets for the various events that are coming up.  I started this past weekend while I had some help from my granddaughters! We made these delicious peanut butter chocolate candy spoons!

I did most of the chocolate dipping (using regular dark chocolate and white chocolate chips) and the girls did the decorating.  They love using sprinkles. 
Then on Monday I made these delicious no bake coconut pecan praline cookies (they're much more like candy, if you ask me!) I've made these for the past three years and they'll be in my Christmas cookie list every year -- my favorite!
Then yesterday I made these (also no-bake!) Oatmeal cocoa cookies.  My mother made these back in the day, and I've made them for our family forever.  They are easy and almost fool-proof.  Also quite delicious!
Today I made these snowball cookies -- this recipe has been around for so many years (my mom made these, too!) and are called by several names.  Here in south Texas the most common name is Mexican Wedding cookies. 

San Antonio Fruit Box Hooch, Part 3

The San Antonio Fruit Box Hooch was finished and I bottled it this week.  It is a lovely color, and while not completely clear, it's not terribly cloudy either.  The taste is okay, although I'm not a good judge since I wouldn't really think to drink this straight.  I'm going to experiment with it in some mixed drinks - something fruity like a Mai Tai maybe?
I used a picture of John on the label from our last trip to West Texas - although the label wasn't as clear as I'd like -- I really hate my printer and need to get a new one.  I swear printers were put on earth to irk me!!! Arghhhh!!!!
All bottled up and out in the bunker!