Sunday, April 19, 2020

Garden Layout 2020 - Vineyard (Bed G)

John gave me a portion of his vineyard at the very back where there were no remaining grapes to use this year for some of the taller crops. Mainly I was hoping to grow some okra, but I added some corn since the watering system would cover them anyway, and I like to use all available space when I can. And I even threw in a watermelon or two!

The okra are:
Hill Country Red
Choppee - Bunny Hop Seeds
Orange Jing
Alabama Red

Hopi Blue Dent
Trucker's Favorite - Seeds for Thee 
Incredible - Pinetree Garden Seeds

Desert King 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Garden Layout 2020 - Winter Squash (Bed F)

I have a horrible history with winter squash and pumpkins. Usually the bugs get them before they can produce much. I'm planting them up front this year along a fence so I can train them up and I'm planning a full scale-100% chemical fight with the squash bugs. Enough. It's war! 

Almost all of these seeds came from the FB garden group, except for the experimental 898. 

  • Georgia Candy Roaster
  • 898 Experimental Squash - Row 7
  • Silver Bell
  • Butternut Rogosa Violina Gioia
  • Tennessee Sweet Potato

Garden Layout 2020 - Tomatoes (Bed E)

This bed is where I planted most of the tomatoes. They are all dwarf varieties, so the tallest will be under four foot, and most will be around 2 -3 foot tall.  During the winter I planted clover and peas in this area to add nitrogen to the soil, and we amended the bed this year with composted cow manure. In each hole when I planted I added my mix of azomite rock dust, guano, more cow manure and worm castings. Thirty tomatoes in this long row.


Garden Layout 2020 - Squash House (Bed C)

This year the Squash House is planted in cucumber and pole beans. Not a squash in sight! I guess I should change the name of this structure, but probably won't since the sign is on the front. ha!

                         Front                                                                                                                                                                  Back

Okay, this may seem like a lot of seeds/plants, but most are small amounts of each one, so it's not too crazy. On the left side we have:

  • Rozella Purple Tomato
  • Prima Gold Tomato

  • Ancho Poblano Pepper - mild, about 1,500 shu
  • Fish Pepper - medium, about 30K shu

  • Juane de Doubs Carrots 
  • Dazzling Blue Kale - Baker Creek

  • Marketmore Cucumber - Botanical Interests
  • "K" Cucumber (I lost the packet, I know it started with the letter K, but have no idea the real name.)
  • Boston Pickling Cucumber
  • Biet Alpha Cucumber
  • Japanese Long Cucumber
  • Early Fortune Cucumber - Baker Creek
  • Poinsett Cucumber 
  • Muncher Cucumber

Then on the right side, I have:

  • Shadow Boxing Tomato
  • Dwarf Stone Tomato

  • Mulato Pepper - Farmacie Isolde - mild, about 3K shu
  • Peter Pepper - medium, about 10-20K

  • Spanish Tolosano Beans
  • Skunk Pole Beans
  • Nona Agnes Bean
  • Borlotto Lingua di Fucco Bean - Farmacie Isolde
  • Fort Portal Bean
  • Eye of the Goat Bean

Friday, April 10, 2020

Garden Layout 2020 - Bed A2

Another small bed, 2 ft. x 8 ft., another 16 sq. feet.

This bed started out entirely in spinach, but I've already harvested half the bed. I think the back half was getting more water from the spray system until John found the problem, because the front part of the bed was growing much slower. In the next week or so I'll finish picking most of the spinach and plant more cow peas in the front of this bed.

I recommend Pinetree Garden Seeds highly, this packet of spinach seeds were from 2016 and I was leery about anything coming up at all, and just about every seed germinated. A great company!

The cow peas are:

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Garden Layout 2020 - Bed B2

This bed is inside the small tunnel and is 2 ft. x 8 ft., so it's one of the smaller ones. Total 16 sq. foot.

Greens and beets in here. For the greens we have:

The beets are:

Garden Layout 2020 - Bed D4

Final bed in this row. This one is a bit bigger, 3ft. x 10ft., so 30 square foot. 

The pepper in this bed is also hot, in the 40-50K range:
Aji Orange Drop - Trade Winds Fruit

The tomato:

  • Electric Pinky

The garlic is Moroccan, and was a gift from one of my FB garden friends in New York state. It's done very well and I planted it in the fall. I did have to dig them up and move them, and they've recovered just fine.

The rest of the bed are all summer squash: