Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 2

We got a load of dirt last week - it's a mix of garden soil and composted soil.  Very nice -- I think the veggies will love it.  
 Sydney is checking out this big pile of dirt...smelling the composted manure, I'm sure!
John's taken down the fence at the back of the garden between the greenhouse and the new chicken house.  It'll sure be easier to take the chickens the weeds and stuff pulled out of the garden every day.
We planted the four pecan trees using some of the new dirt, and John spread a good amount of it where we're planning this year's bean house. We're going back to the hog panel design from two years ago -- no more netting!
 This is the only vegetable bed we're doing in the field this year - Bed #7.  This will be okra and a couple of new black eyed pea varieties we're trying this year.
 Cleaned out the six tomato towers and put in new soil - ready to go when the weather is right!

I planted the first bed today, Bed #6.  These are all plants that can take some cool weather, and might actually enjoy cooler weather, so I think they will do fine.  I soaked most of the seeds for a day to assist in earlier germination.
 Two types of sugar snap peas along the middle of the bed on a fence - these will both grow up to 6 foot tall.  I really L O V E D the snap peas last year, so hope these do well!

These are the Atomic Red Carrot seed mats that I've been making in the house.  Such an easy way to plant in a neat way, spacing properly.
 This is the third year I've used the dibbler board that John made for me.  I really find this to be another easy way to space seeds out the right way. I've almost exclusively used the 1/2" board, so I wouldn't even bother with the 1" board if I had it to do over again.
Vulcan Swiss chard, a new variety for us this year -- delish!!

The fourth quarter of this bed has onion sets that I purchased this past week, along with the baby leek plants that I planted inside about a month ago.  All done!
Now, on to Bed#5!

Supper Club - Valentine's Theme

We had a fantastic supper club this past weekend...some delicious food and great company.  I got some book recommendations, television shows, and some movie reviews were shared.  I wish I had taken some pictures...I had my phone camera right on the table the whole evening but just got too distracted by the company to remember to pick it up. Darn darn darn!
 These were some of the bread sticks that I made for the meal...sun dried tomato and basil. Yum!
We all walked away with a gorgeous succulent dish -- and we didn't have to play any games to win it! Score!

Josslyn is growing!

She's starting to fill out and her little face is so beautiful.  Funny how fast she's getting her own personality!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 1

The weather this winter has been so cold, we've seemed to have one cold front after another.  I'm so ready for spring, but I'm hearing we'll probably have one or two more cold nights, so I'm trying to make do with starting some things in the house until we can get outside and DIG!
My little broccoli came up and I've had to transplant them, since they got so "leggy" so fast.  I don't have the perfect light situation, but I think they'll do okay.
I've spent a few cold days making carrot seed sheets so that when I can plant them, it will go fast! I'm planning a few more of these seed sheets with all of the lettuce seeds and some of the other really small seeds.
 I found a half packet of leek seeds from two years ago in my stash and put them in a washed fast food container, just to see if they would be viable....well....viola...
 ...they were still quite good!  
I've received all the seeds I ordered for this year....and here's a funny one! Dinosaur gourds!  Can't wait to see what these look like.
Today we ordered our spring garden soil, which will be delivered on Thursday.  We'll be topping off all of the six raised beds, filling in some spots in the yard, placing some around all of our fruit trees and planting these 4 pecan trees. We got two Choctaw, a Pawnee and a Kiowa.  Now we just wait six to ten years and we'll have some pecans! ha ha!

The Rio Grande peach tree is budding out and thinks it's spring.  I hope we don't get a very hard freeze and lose all of these buds (fingers crossed!)
The four elderberry plants that we planted last year are all budding out.  They'll probably love a top dressing of some nice new composted soil, too.

The many faces of little Joss.....

Geeezzz....I've been neglecting you, my little blog.  Time to get back to it, now that things are getting back to normal and our new addition to the family is growing and thriving.  Colleen and Jeff are such great parents, and KT is turning out to be such a great big sister.  JR and Ash were here for a full week and headed back to CA on Sunday.
Now I guess it's time to get ready for the Spring garden.
Meanwhile, I've taken about a hundred photos of little Joss....here's a sample!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Second Game of Thrones Trailer

I really don't know how they will recover from the Red Wedding....but I can't wait to find out.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Enchanted Rock!

 Uncle JR and Aunt Ashley wanted to take KT out for a hike, so Grumps went along too!  (No, I didn't go.  No excuse, but ERock kind of scares me. I'd try it again on a nice warm day.)
 Big pink rock!
 In a crevice....

Friday, February 7, 2014

Joss has arrived!

Josslyn Alix Koenig has arrived in the world, and she is so beautiful!  A perfect little 5#15 oz, 19-1/4" little angel.

The family is home, finally, after some anxious few days because her mamma had to go back into surgery to repair her c-section, but they are all on the mend now.

KT has been the best big sister ever through the whole thing!  She is so sweet and gentle with little Joss.