Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 2

We got a load of dirt last week - it's a mix of garden soil and composted soil.  Very nice -- I think the veggies will love it.  
 Sydney is checking out this big pile of dirt...smelling the composted manure, I'm sure!
John's taken down the fence at the back of the garden between the greenhouse and the new chicken house.  It'll sure be easier to take the chickens the weeds and stuff pulled out of the garden every day.
We planted the four pecan trees using some of the new dirt, and John spread a good amount of it where we're planning this year's bean house. We're going back to the hog panel design from two years ago -- no more netting!
 This is the only vegetable bed we're doing in the field this year - Bed #7.  This will be okra and a couple of new black eyed pea varieties we're trying this year.
 Cleaned out the six tomato towers and put in new soil - ready to go when the weather is right!

I planted the first bed today, Bed #6.  These are all plants that can take some cool weather, and might actually enjoy cooler weather, so I think they will do fine.  I soaked most of the seeds for a day to assist in earlier germination.
 Two types of sugar snap peas along the middle of the bed on a fence - these will both grow up to 6 foot tall.  I really L O V E D the snap peas last year, so hope these do well!

These are the Atomic Red Carrot seed mats that I've been making in the house.  Such an easy way to plant in a neat way, spacing properly.
 This is the third year I've used the dibbler board that John made for me.  I really find this to be another easy way to space seeds out the right way. I've almost exclusively used the 1/2" board, so I wouldn't even bother with the 1" board if I had it to do over again.
Vulcan Swiss chard, a new variety for us this year -- delish!!

The fourth quarter of this bed has onion sets that I purchased this past week, along with the baby leek plants that I planted inside about a month ago.  All done!
Now, on to Bed#5!

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