Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 3

Darn this cold weather.  On the one nice warm day we had, I did get part of Bed#5 in.  Green Macerata Cauliflower, De Cicco Broccoli and Early Flat Dutch Cabbage went in, some that I started early, and some directly sown in.  All of these plants can take some freezing weather.
 On these cold days, I put together my seed mats for Bed#4.  These are several lettuces:

  • Romaine, Jericho
  • Black Seeded Simpson
  • Crisphead Batavian, Sierra
  • Crisphead Batavian, Tennis Ball

And I'm doing 1/4th of this bed in these Siamese Dragon Stir Fry veggies that can be used in salads, too. The packet didn't tell me which specific veggies these are, so it's going to be kind of fun to look them up as they grow and find out what I have here.
The Swiss Chard that I've had in the green house all winter are still going strong.  I cut these back to the base a few weeks ago and they've just grown again like crazy.
I made all the plant markers today while it was cold out.  There's always something to do!

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