Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 1

The weather this winter has been so cold, we've seemed to have one cold front after another.  I'm so ready for spring, but I'm hearing we'll probably have one or two more cold nights, so I'm trying to make do with starting some things in the house until we can get outside and DIG!
My little broccoli came up and I've had to transplant them, since they got so "leggy" so fast.  I don't have the perfect light situation, but I think they'll do okay.
I've spent a few cold days making carrot seed sheets so that when I can plant them, it will go fast! I'm planning a few more of these seed sheets with all of the lettuce seeds and some of the other really small seeds.
 I found a half packet of leek seeds from two years ago in my stash and put them in a washed fast food container, just to see if they would be viable....well....viola...
 ...they were still quite good!  
I've received all the seeds I ordered for this year....and here's a funny one! Dinosaur gourds!  Can't wait to see what these look like.
Today we ordered our spring garden soil, which will be delivered on Thursday.  We'll be topping off all of the six raised beds, filling in some spots in the yard, placing some around all of our fruit trees and planting these 4 pecan trees. We got two Choctaw, a Pawnee and a Kiowa.  Now we just wait six to ten years and we'll have some pecans! ha ha!

The Rio Grande peach tree is budding out and thinks it's spring.  I hope we don't get a very hard freeze and lose all of these buds (fingers crossed!)
The four elderberry plants that we planted last year are all budding out.  They'll probably love a top dressing of some nice new composted soil, too.

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