Monday, November 17, 2014

Around the Winter garden ....

We finally had a good winter blast.  Darn!
The morning glories are kaput!
 We wrapped the two fig trees, hope they will be okay!
Dwarf Siberian Kale
 I planted several pots of various greens several weeks ago.  They are loving the warm humid greenhouse.
 Dutch Corn Salad
Swiss Chard Bright Lights 
Mini Bak Choy
The tomato pots I pulled up and moved to the greenhouse have resettled very well.  I was worried a bit since I had to yank out a few tap roots when I moved them.

 I took all of the green tomatoes off before the frost.  They are destined for green tomato chutney when I can cook again.
 The roses are still blooming away...both of these are from the butterfly rose bush.

This little eggplant seed has the "will to live." it's a mini, ornamental. Poor thing just kept chugging along, from seedling to small pot, to bigger pot, to garden.  All summer it just languished until this fall when I dug it up and put it back in a pot and stuck it in the greenhouse.  Now look how it rewards me! A tiny little jewel!

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