Saturday, November 1, 2014

Movie Review --- America: Imagine the World Without Her

John and I finally watched D'Souza's latest documentary about America on pay-per-view.  When it first came out, we were hoping to see it in the theater but never got around to it.  It was advertised at that time with this trailer:

I found it to be a very interesting list of arguments against the usual victim-hood complaints that you hear often in the media and from many people who have been brain-washed on the liberal college campuses.
D'Souza lists several groups of American citizen victims such as the American Indian, the radical Mexican who believes that their land was "stolen" by the American people, African Americans who feel they haven't been properly reimbursed for the experience of slavery, the "No WAR" crowd who still believes that we have no business involving ourselves in wars anywhere for no reason at all, and the anti-capitalists.  Then he takes each of those arguments and presents information that shows how much America has benefited each of those groups.  We found some of the arguments, most really, to be very thought provoking.  If people will open their minds to new information, there might be a chance for our country.

Unfortunately most people are so concrete in their sure knowledge that "they know what they know" and won't listen.  Its a cancer we have in this country, the "victimization" industry only stays alive if they can convince people they are victims.
We've been talking about the movie quite a bit, so it's well worth watching just for some good conversation!

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