Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We've been having some Halloween around here all month -- starting with decorating the place (you know, for the grandkids...ha!) Here's a few views of what it looks like around here....
 The fireplace mantle in the house

 The beautiful haunted village that John's sister Susan made for the kids years and years ago...
 A few views of the pavilion
 What's that on Mimi's stairs? Eeeekkkk!!!!
The pumpkin KT painted for my front porch

We also took our annual trip to the Medina Pumpkin Patch.  KT's done this every year now, and she knows exactly where everything is and where to go.  She kept running ahead, with the rest of us scrambling to catch up.  I think she and her cousin, Taylor, really love this event every year.  Bonus was that this was Joss's first pumpkin patch experience! She was just soaking it all in....

 KT and Taylor on the hay tractor...
 So cute it's scary....
 Dad, take me off this prickly hay!
 The Koenigs!
Grumpy, what's happening???

I've been working on helping out with KT's costume this year.  I can't wait to see the whole thing together tonight, Colleen's been gathering the rest of it, so I haven't seen the complete ensemble.  More pics of that tomorrow but here are a few teases....can you figure it out?

Here's a bonus picture of KT in a little cat play set she put on one day when she was out here with us! She's channeling Cat Woman here!

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