Friday, July 29, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day FOURTEEN --- Horns & Antlers Week

This week we're looking at animals that have either horns or antlers! We started the day with breakfast that included longhorn toast (although we needed bigger toast! This cookie cutter barely fit!)
 After breakfast, we started making some new camp shirts - these were made with deer stencils. I just find a good picture (usually coloring pages) and copy it to a full size label sheet, then cut that out and lay it on the shirt.) Then the girls dabbed fabric paint all around it.
 We used a brown paint, and then glittered brown paint over top of that to give the shirts some glitz!  After that we had to let them sit and dry a bit.  So on to the next activity which these girls love - face painting.  I tried to make these two active girls into deer.  It was lots of fun and KT and Joss love having their faces painted.

I made them both deer headbands to go with their faces - they were so cute.  They love dressing up.

 Then it was time for some outside play.  They were playing with soap bubbles here. Crazy girls!
 After lunch and rest time we made deer masks - cutting, gluing, and glittering.  Today we weren't able to swim because we were having some much needed rain, so we spent the late afternoon watching the Disney movie "Inside Out" until it was time to go home.
 While they were watching the movie, I peeled off the stickers and washed their new t-shirts to set the paint.  They turned out so cute!
On Thursday we're going to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! KT's been before, but its been several years ago, and it will be Joss's first trip.  Should be fun!

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