Friday, July 22, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day THIRTEEN --- Free Play & Games Week

We only had one day of camp this week because the girls were at the coast with their Dad's entire family last weekend and early this week.  I know they had a blast! I heard that Joss really loved the sand, surf and beach! Mimi got to follow along with their adventures via their Mom's Instagram account.
Thursday we just had a free play day at camp -- it started with bubbles!
 Then we did some chalking on the pavilion floor....
 Joss is still into free form.....
then she rode the tricycle for a long time -- since she's learned to use the peddles herself we can't get her off the thing!
KT checked the flowers she planted last week -- one of the seeds is up and growing!
 They both painted the outside of their bean pots that we didn't get to plant last week. KT spent a really long time on hers - she loves to paint.  Joss is more the slap-dash type of painter right now! Ha!

 We hit the library today, too! Joss loves to play with their huge stuffed animals.  She's sitting with the big black horse here.
KT wanted a cookbook. (??) I think this must be here latest passion - cooking.  She does her own research at the library, and knows how to use their computer to search the database.  I only help her with spelling some.  She found a cookbook she wanted to check out - Disney Princess's Cookbook! When we got home, we found one she could make while her sister napped!
 Of course, she made these Magic Wands her own style by adding extra "eyes" to some of them.  She's a hoot!
After nap time was over, Grumpy got home from his doctor's appointment, so we all got in a swim in the pool.  I forgot to bring my phone out with me, so no photos of pool time today.  Bummer!

I had planned a few old style games for us to play today that we never got to.  I did find out that these girls will just amuse themselves if I sit back and just let them go.  So today I did just that and let them set the pace.  It was a fun day!

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