Monday, June 25, 2018

Mimi's Summer Day Camp - Our Senses (Taste) - Thursday

Thursday, June 14, 2018

 This is how Joss looked when she showed up for camp this morning.... crazy hair in sunlight.

We're still talking all about our sense of taste this week, and Joss is creating a little booklet of all of her senses.  She decorated the cover while I was getting supplies set out.
 We started with a jelly bean tasting activity.  Joss glued jelly beans of every color on a page, and then an extra one to taste.  Do yellow jelly beans always taste like lemon? Are green ones apple, or lime? What flavor are red jelly beans?

Some jelly beans don't taste too great - she really didn't like the popcorn ones!

I wrote the flavors down and Joss wanted to write them also.  She's very into writing letters right now - and can sound out most letters.  She's gonna be a reader soon.

Later in the day we did a popcorn activity.  What senses are we using when we pop popcorn? She was pretty good with this one with some prompts.  Watching the bag expand with our sight, listening to the pops, smelling the butter.

 Then we used our sense of taste by adding different flavors to the popcorn - sweet and salty, while feeling the popcorn as we mixed it!

 KT joined us for the popcorn tasting!

 So did Grumpy!

 KT is our chicken whisperer....

Our final activity was making cupcakes - the perfect thing for exploring our sense of taste.
 KT and Joss worked together on the mixing!
 And each on decorated 6 cupcakes - of course KT's had shark fins.

 Joss's were sprinkle city!

 And finally we ended the day with a nice long swim.  Joss has lost her fear of water and is starting to act like a  little tadpole! Her latest thing is to try to touch the bottom of the pool.  She started with her feet, which was pretty easy.  She's currently working on getting down far enough to touch the bottom with her hand.

KT's working on doing hand-stands!

Next week we're exploring our sense of touch!

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