Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mimi's Summer Day Camp - Our Senses (Touch) - Tuesday

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This week we only have one camper -- Jossie! KT is going to another camp at the San Antonio Zoo this week. I'm sure she's having a great time learning about everything "behind the scenes" at the zoo!

This week we're talking all about our sense of touch.   After coloring another page in her 5 Senses booklet, we did an experiment with how we discover the temperature of things with our hands. I loaded 4 cups up with hot, very warm, warm and cold water, and Joss had to line them up in order of hottest to coldest. 

 We took our usual trip to the library, and Joss spent some time picking out some books to read. We read a few while we were there, too!

After lunch Joss and I went upstairs and we picked out several fabrics with different textures to create a patchwork cloth of different textures.  We had smooth, silky, rough, scratchy, fluffy -- all kinds of textures.
 Since it was overcast today, the pool was so so so cold, we decided to stay in and read our books from the library and watch some television together.  Then we left for home a little early to get a slushy at Sonic on the way home.

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