Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mimi's Summer Day Camp - Our Senses (Taste) - Tuesday

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer camp is finally here! This year Joss is with me, and KT is working with Grumpy on several projects.  
Joss and I were exploring all about our sense of taste this week.  We started out talking about all of our five senses, and Joss cut out some popcorn to make a poster. She decorated each one (especially with glitter - her favorite thing!)

 Next we made some powdered candy using some concentrated flavors - Joss made grape and raspberry candy. She liked the grape the best.
 We used a little kit to explore several things about taste, and she even made her own fizzy flavored soda. 

 It was time for a trip to the library, and KT decided to take a break and go with us, especially once she learned about their new playground!

 We got home and had some lunch. Joss and I took a break and went out to watch Grumpy and KT work on a birdhouse.  Grumpy is teaching her how to use some of her new tools.  Her favorite is the hammer!

Joss and I then worked on a Taste Test, using a blindfold.  There were several small bits of foods that taste sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.  She put them on her tongue and then tried to guess what they were and what they tasted like.

 And our final activity was a tea tasting! We brewed four different cups of tea, and tasted them first without any additives. Then the girls decided what they wanted to add to make them taste better.  You guessed it - sugar won that one. Ha! But we tried lemon, maple syrup, cherry syrup and honey.  

 Time for a swim! I didn't get very many pictures since we were having so much fun!

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