Sunday, June 10, 2018

Garden Log --- June 10, 2018

It's been an entire month since I've done a garden update. I guess I've been in the busy season right now, what with maintaining the garden, picking, and processing it all.

Right now the garden is looking pretty sad - despite watering daily, it's been so hot and the garden is showing it.  I'm still bringing in produce daily, but just staying out there very long is hard.

Let's see ... what's happening right now....starting with tomatoes! So far the tally is at 26 pounds. We've been eating lots fresh, and I'm freezing all the excess.  No jalapenos so far, so I'm not able to make any salsa yet.

The green beans are being picked about every 4 days - about 15 pounds so far. This is one of the reasons we garden -- just love these fresh beans straight from the garden. I've put a lot of these in the freezer. 

The peppers are finally getting going -- they like the heat. These are the Sweet Red Cheese peppers, so waiting for them to start turning red! There's one jalapeno on that plant, and I've spied a Habanada coming along. The hatch pepper plant has one pepper on it (I started that plant from a grocery store pepper!) and the Sugar Rush Peach plant is covered in small flowers but I'm not seeing an actual pepper on it yet.
The cucumbers are a bit disappointing this year - spotty and very few of them. The plants all seem to be struggling.  We've picked about 3 pounds of them, but not enough to do much with other then eating fresh. It's just not going to be a good cucumber year.
Carrots are looking great - these orange ones are the Shin Kuroda and the deep purple is called Black Nebula and they are all delicious!

I finished up all of the peaches that we got from the Rio Grande peach tree by drying them. Ooohhh....I've found a new favorite way to eat peaches. Just like little bits of sunshine. So good!

 I packaged these in 1.5 ounce packs and vacuum sealed them as treats. Delicious! That tree gave us almost 150 pounds of peaches. Just amazing.
 The watermelon plants are really starting to take off out in the field garden. 
The beets are maturing and I'm waiting to get enough to make some new pickled beets for 2018.  So far I have about 2.5 pounds and need about twice that to get going.  It won't be long. 

And finally, the key lime tree is starting to bloom! I'm excited to see how many of these buds actually form limes.

That's it for now -- more coming since the okra and corn is coming along.

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