Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Visit with Judah

Molly and Marshall are visiting San Antonio and we got to visit with them and their little Judah.  He's almost 9 months old now (where does the time go?!)  He's a real doll, sitting up now and able to pull himself up to stand.  It won't be long before he's taking off.  

 Marshall and Judah
 Molly and Kathy 
John and Judah
 Colleen took these close ups with her IPhone 8.  It has the best camera, and 
she's so good with using it to take some fantastic pics.

 Kathy and Judah
 Do you recognize the house? Yes, they're staying at the Barrera St. house. 
Had lunch with Mike & Kathy and Colleen afterwards at The Patio.  Great burgers and dogs!

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