Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Garden Log --- March 28, 2018

On Sunday, I finished up Bed #C2:
  1. Dark Star Zucchini - FB Garden Group
  2. White Scallop Squash - Tradewind Fruits
Then I began Bed #C3:
  1. Black Mountain Pink Tomato (2) - FB Garden Group
  2. Lemon Basil - Ferry Morse Seed Co.
  3. Haba Nada Peppers - FB Garden Group
  4. Hog Heart Tomato - FB Garden Group
  5. Large Barred Boar Tomato - FB Garden Group

Then Tuesday, I finished planting the rest of #C3 bed:

  1. Red Russian Kale -
  2. Tronchuda (cabbage) Kale - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  3. Burpee Golden Beets - Seed Savers Exchange
  4. Palco Spinach - FB Garden Group
  5. America Spinach - Seed Savers Exchange
  6. Atomic Red Carrots - Bountiful Gardens
  7. European Soldier Pole Beans - FB Garden Group
  8. Pink Flamingo Pole Beans - FB Garden Group
  9. Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato - FB Garden Group
  10. Rumi Banjan Tomato - FB Garden Group
 Hog Heart Tomato
Rumi Banjan Tomato
Can you see the little European Soldier on this bean? Funny!

And then planted the little blue swimming pool with:

  1. Australian Butter Squash - FB Garden Group
  2. Sweet Dumpling Squash - FB Garden Group 

Just to ruin some of the work I did during the day, last night we had 3.5 inches of rain which washed thru the newest beds and disturbed the kale! Drat! I'll have to re-cover those seeds as best as possible (the napkins held the seeds in place pretty well -- happy about that!) 
Torrential rain disaster (But I can fix it!)

In between, I finally got the two Truly Tiny banana trees out of the greenhouse.  They really looked dead, but low and behold, they're coming back from the base! So they got a good cleaning up, new soil, and fertilizer.  They're in their summer spot in the pergola.

Now I'll spend some time cleaning up all the dead plants in pots and replant those with various seeds and plants in the potting garden and some for the pavilion.  

We have blooms on the snow peas, finally - pods to follow shortly! These little flowers are so pretty. 

The cabbage bed is outgrowing the netting that I put on it when I transplanted them -- I'm going to have to figure out how to lift it some to give these plants some head space.  I'm thinking I need to get another piece of this netting and sew them together...we'll see.
 I brought in a few leaves of the Chirimen Hakusai cabbage to include in a meal this week.  A pretty Chinese type cabbage. My first harvest this spring (0.4 ounces!)
The Voyage Reistomate tomato plant is starting to bloom, too! 

 Isn't this Silbertanne tomato the frilliest thing you've ever seen? Very different -- I'm 
excited to see what this tomato will look like.
 Lettuce Leaf Basil - getting bigger!
 This is what's left from the greenhouse. I need to find homes for all of these plants. I CAN DO it!!
Mouse was my garden companion today. Love this old girl!

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