Saturday, March 24, 2018

Garden Log --- March 24, 2018

Gosh, the first day of Spring came and went! Happy Spring, everyone! It's been feeling very spring like here for a while....
Signs of Spring - Tangerine Cross Vine - these vines are covered right now!

Yesterday John golfed most of the day, so I worked out in the garden and got quite a bit done.  I finished up bed #C1 and made a start on Bed #C2:

  1. Karos Tomato (2) - FB Garden Group (this is the 3rd and final tomato that I'm growing out for the group. This appears to be a cherry type, another from Germany.) 
  2. Beit Alpha Cucumber - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Miniature White Cucumber - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  4. Zapallo Del Tronco Summer Squash - Bountiful Gardens
  5. Zephyr Summer Squash - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  6. Chinese Giant Sweet Pepper - Ferry-Morse

No gardening today, but here are a few pictures of how the garden is progressing.  I love seeing things start to pop out of the soil!

My little mix of bat quano, worm castings, and azomite rock dust, along with the sand and manure compost does work wonders. 

 The various cow peas are starting to peek out.  There are a few stubborn slow-pokes, but I think they'll eventually show up.
 More various vegetables...
 The tomatoes are really getting big!
 Snow peas - look at that mess of tendrils!
 The squash house in late March.
Bed #C1
 A yellow tomatillo and a Purple Coban tomatillo
 We have spinach!
 See that little green spot in the middle? That's my first ever Broad Fava Bean. Excited!! A garden blogger I follow tells me that I'll need to stake these as they get top heavy. I'm learning something new every day!
 The Siber Frill Kale is starting to get a little frilly!
 The Dwarf Orinoco banana tree
Dwarf Cavendish banana tree
The Gala apple tree is blooming.... the same time as the Pink Lady apple tree. First time ever in 6 years that we've had these two trees.  Does that mean maybe an apple or two this year?  I sure hope so!

Sunday I'll be back in the garden! More then!

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