Friday, March 30, 2018

John's Latest Project

We've purchased a storeroom for out back of the house.  We just need more storage space and John wants to move the freezer out there.  I've actually convinced him we need a bigger freezer, so we'll be getting one soon.  This is the shell after it was delivered and set up.

Happy man, he has a new project!

John has added two windows since it's arrived, and we spent one morning painting it. Don't you hate that darn blue tape - it never works like they promise it will.  The paint is the same green as the house, with white trim and a red door.

All the green is done, the red door is done, and now it's just trim to finish up.
Today John worked on getting electricity to the building, adding a light inside, plugs and outlets.  He cut out space for an a/c unit.  He's going to work on insulation and sheet rock inside in the next few weeks. 

I secretly think he's making a man cave, I'll let you know if I'm right in the future! ha!

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