Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Garden Log --- March 14, 2018

If it appears that all I'm doing lately is gardening, you'd be right!

Bed B#1:

  1. Tomatillo, Yellow - Trade Winds Fruits
  2. Tomatillo, Purple Coban (2) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Salad Bowl Red Lettuce -
  4. All Year Lettuce -
  5. Black Magic Spinach - Trade Winds Fruits
  6. Erbett Swiss Chard - Bountiful Gardens
  7. Juan de Doubs Carrots - Trade Winds Fruits
  8. Golden Celery -
  9. Scarlet Kale - Bountiful Gardens
  10. Bloomsdale Spinach -
  11. Stocky Golden Roaster Peppers (3) - FB Garden Group

In Bed #B2 so far, I have:
Rote Zahnrad Tomate (2)- FB Garden Group - this is the second of 3 tomato varieties that I'm growing for their inventory.  I can't find this one on an English website, it's all in German.

Next are 6 different sweet pepper plants that I only had one of each grow from seed and survive. I'm just putting these all together and won't try to save any seeds from them.

  1. Lipstick Pepper - FB Garden Group
  2. Topepo Giallo - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Violet Sparkle - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  4. Gypsy (Hybrid) - Totally Tomatoes - this is the 3rd year for my packet of these seeds, so I think I was lucky to get even one plant. My favorite pepper of all time - I'll be buying new seeds for this one next year.
  5. Jimmy Nardello - FB Garden Group
  6. Marconi Red - FB Garden Group

That's as far as I got today in the main garden.  

The cotton plants were planted out today in the big metal trough - they were so happy to get out of those little plant trays!  I ended up with 4 Brownfield White, 4 Green, and 3 Mississippi brown this year! The green cotton plants are the red ones in the picture. Looking forward to seeing this cotton!

 The Tangerine Cross Vine is getting ready to pop!
 One plum on the Santa Rosa plum tree in the orchard. 
Growing in one of my old tomato tubs - get your Irish on! Happy St. Pat's day this weekend!
One little bluebonnet plant growing in the front of the property. We keep trying but don't have a lot of luck growing these from seeds.

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