Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Garden Log ---- March 13, 2018

I've finished all of Bed A as of this morning and made a start on Bed B!  Things are moving along, but I'm so sore today! Whew, these muscles haven't been used lately!

In Bed #A3 we have:
Nutri-Red Carrots - Seedsnow.com
Chiogga Beets - Seedsnow.com
Lacinato Kale - Seedsnow.com
Dazzling Blue Kale - Pinetree Garden Seeds
Merlot Lettuce - Bountiful Gardens
Red Kitten Spinach - Johnny's Select Seeds
Mixed Carrots - leftover seeds from several packets
Mayflower Beans - FB Garden Group - said to be from seeds brought over on the Mayflower, history of being maintained in the Carolina's. I got 9 seeds so planted them all for dry beans.
Peppermint Stick Celery - Pinetree Garden Seeds
In Bed #A4:
Silbertanne Tomato (2) - FB Garden Group. These are one of the three tomatoes that I'm growing for the group grow-out.  I'll be saving seeds for this one to send back to the inventory. This is a determinate bush tomato. Looking forward to seeing what it turns out to be - the leaves are very lacy and delicate.
Salad Bowl Green Lettuce - Seedsnow.com
Romaine Red Lettuce - Seedsnow.com
Long Green Improved Cucumbers - Pinetree Garden Seeds
Persian Cucumbers - FB Garden Group
Mammoth Dill - Pinetree Garden Seeds
Indian Corriander - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Calico Crowder Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
California Black-Eyed Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Green Black-Eyed Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Lady Finger Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Pidgeon Pea Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Ram's Horn Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Big Red Ripper Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Speckled Purple Hull Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Zipper Cream Cowpeas - FB Garden Group

I know that seems like a lot of cowpeas, but most of the packages had between 10 - 25 seeds in them, and a few had even less. Some are fairly rare (Ram's horn) and others are common. I'm looking forward to seeing what I get!

Walking through the garden today, it appears that everything is settling in just fine.
 The mammoth dill likes it's new home!
 This purple peacock broccoli looks more like a kale plant, doesn't it?
 The rapini broccoli has little buds on it already - I'll be pinching these off.
 A few of the pak choy are already showing up!
 The licorice basil seems happy in the main garden now too!
 At the very end I put a row of Lemon Queen sunflowers.  It's been a few years since I've grown sunflowers, so I'm happy to have them again. One of my favorite flowers.
 The spring blush peas really do have a pink blush!
 Both of the pomegranate trees have leafed out, but haven't spotted any blooms on them.
And most of the peach trees in the orchard have fruit on them! Spring has sprung!

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