Sunday, March 11, 2018

Garden Log ---- March 10, 2018

I accomplished another bed in the garden on Saturday! Yahoo!  It took me all day and I had to stop and rest a lot in between, but it's done!

In Bed #A2 we have:
  1. Shin Kuroda Carrots - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  2. Cylindra Beets - Seed Savers Exchange
  3. Minutina, Erba Stella - Bountiful Gardens 
  4. Waltham Broccoli (2) -
  5. Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli (2) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  6. Purple Peacock Broccoli (2) - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  7. Rapini Broccoli (2) -
  8. Calabrese Broccoli (1) -
  9. Old Joe Clark Beans - FB Garden Group (half runner bean from Appalachia area, grown for dry beans)
  10. Pentland Brig Kale - Bountiful Gardens
  11. Rainbow Mix Carrots - Johnny's Select Seeds
  12. Cardinal Swiss Chard - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  13. Voyage Reistomate Tomato - FB Garden Group - would you look at this crazy tomato?!! I'm so excited to see how this one does!
  14. Cream Sausage Tomato - Seed Savers Exchange
  15. Purple Ruffles Basil - Pinetree Garden Seeds
I was going to do the next bed today, but decided to give myself a day of rest - this cough is just not letting up.  I feel much better, but it's lingering. Cough! cough!

I spent part of the day potting up almost everything else that was left in the greenhouse - mostly the sunflowers and a few gourds that are finally sprouted.  Then, since we're expecting two nights of close to freezing, I reorganized and cleaned up the greenhouse some and moved everything else back in just in case. I MAY have overdone it in the tomato department - ha! way too many.  

The fig tree is starting to leaf out! I did pretty well all winter so glad to see it taking off now.

And we've taken one of the banana trees out - this is the Dwarf Orinoco - it's taken a bit of a beating, but once it's cleaned up and I've fertilized it, should be doing fine! There's two more big ones in the greenhouse and two of the tiny ones.  They don't look as good, so I'll have to see how they do.

 I think I have three good tomatillo plants going, which is plenty for us.  They usually way over-produce, so I shouldn't need any more.  I think I have two purple and one yellow that are looking good.
 I have three like this - the base just shriveled up and blew over.  I think they needed TLC and I just didn't see them, so these won't survive. It could be "dampening off" but not seeing that with any other plants, so who knows.
 John got us a huge pile of compost with manure (cow and horse) mixed in it.  I'm in heaven! This is going all over the garden and in every plant.
 The bronze fennel plant is coming back beautifully! All of these herbs will be getting a manure dressing this coming week.
 Out in the front yard the rose plants are starting to bloom - both of these blooms are from the butterfly rose bush,

And I'm keeping a close eye on my dad's iris.  Just finally seeing the blooms shooting up.  Can't wait for these to open! 
More garden news tomorrow!

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