Monday, September 4, 2017

Where I've Been

I recently had surgery on my eye-lids and have been hiding out at home ever since. It's been 6 days now, and I go back to see the surgeon tomorrow.  I'd like to say it went smoothly and was "no trouble at all" but that wouldn't be true.  

I've been bothered for years by a very droopy eyelid on my right side, so much so that I have trouble driving and seeing anything on my right peripheral side. I've had a few scary events that made me decide to get this looked at to see if there was anything we could do about it, otherwise I may not be able to drive well.  

Well, of course, I found out its a fairly common problem and I was referred to a surgeon.  She did a bilateral direct eyebrow lift on both eyes, since she said my left was starting to do the same thing and I'd just have to come back for that one in the future.

Don't quite know what I was expecting, but the recovery has been a LOT harder then I thought it was going to be - for one thing I look a real FRIGHT! Not only the stitches which cover the entire length of my eyebrows, but the swelling and bruising that came along with it.  My whole face has been puffy and my eye sockets have turned a sickly greenish hue. My eyelids have also been very puffy, but they are starting to get better.  I've been using ice packs and saline washes and lots of pain killer. It's getting better, but slowly.

So, if you don't see me in the next month or so, that's why.  I hope it won't take that long, but the way its going, it just might. 
Picture below, but turn away if you're squeamish.

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