Monday, September 4, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Nineteen -- Kid Cooks!

August 24, 2017

Today is the last day of summer camp! Boo!  We're making a meal for the Koenig's for their supper tonight.  First off we're going shopping at the HEB!  KT made our shopping list first before we left the house.  

 KT monitored the shopping list!

After shopping, we stopped at Chili's in Boerne for lunch!

When we got home we practiced setting a proper table.  The girls had paper plates and plastic utensils to practice with.  
 Then we started making our meal.  Joss started making the dessert so that it would have time to set up before supper time.  John and KT went on a bike ride while Joss and I worked in the kitchen.

We're making Vanilla Strawberry Whip - and from the samples I tried this one is going to be a big hit! She got this all whipped up and in the fridge.

 Mimi helped just a little by holding the containers for her.
 Joss helped by licking the beaters! ha!
 I got both of the girls one of these kid friendly knives - they do a fine job on 
things like fruit and vegetables.

Then KT came in and we started on the main dish.  We chose an Italian Pasta dish, since both of the girls will eat that with no coaxing! Gotta be practical!  KT did a really good job - frying the meat, and boiling the pasta.  

 Mixing in the pasta sauce.
 The girls got a cute little kitty timer for their future cooking endeavors!

KT cut and buttered the French bread, and Joss helped pack it in to the box for delivery.

 That's it. We finished just in time to pack it all in the car and deliver to their house.  The girls set the table before we left, and I wish I had gotten a picture of that, but I didn't.  They did a great job and the table looked very pretty all made up with the placemats, silverware and napkins.  

Summer camp is over for 2017.  I hope they had as good a time as we did!

Love you, girls!

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