Monday, September 4, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Eighteen --- Kid Cooks!

August 23, 2017

Yes, we're having summer camp on a Wednesday this week. The girl's schedule is kind of crazy this week before school starts.  We started Kid Cooks week by making breakfast muffins.  You can tell that the girls have done this before.  These are a blueberry muffin mix, and they ate every last one of them with Grumpy's help (Mimi does not eat blueberries!) Yuck!

 After breakfast we got started on our Tea Party Luncheon.  We're having some pretty fancy tea foods for lunch today.  Joss is all ready to go in her chef's hat and apron.
 Joss made our dipped sugar cookies.  The recipe calls for dipping these in white chocolate, but we just used vanilla frosting instead that Joss stirred in a bit of milk to think it.  She did a great job at this, just dip and lay on waxed paper, then sprinkle on your choice of sprinkles!

 Next KT made our Marshmallow Ballerinas! These turned out so cute - she got the hang of it fast and made all of them herself.  We had a styrofoam base for her to stick them in to dry.

 We took a break after that and went for our final library trip of the summer (sad face!)  We spent a little extra time there today since it was our last for a while.
 Yes, they have kids cookbooks!

 Once we got home it was time to make the last of our luncheon food.  Joss is making heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Easy peasy!

 I'd give this girl a cooking show - she's so cute!

KT made our fruit cups for lunch.  She got real good at using the melon baller, too! We had grapes, blackberries, raspberries and watermelon.  KT learned how to wash all of the fruit before using it.

 We made a little decoration with the watermelon rind!

Next we made our tea - KT likes mint tea.  Both the girls brought their own tea sets to use, and I got out the tea cups that we bought at the thrift store last Saturday.  
 KT's lady bug tea set

 Mimi's lemon tea!
 Joss's Beauty and the Beast tea set

In the afternoon we made placemats for Thursday's cooking project.  The girls learned how to make a woven mat.  We all got involved making four mats.

It was a cloudy cooler day, so no swimming today, sadly.  We're making a meal for the Koenig family on Thursday, so see you then!

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