Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- September 7, 2017

I'm finally feeling good enough to venture outside a bit.  I've been anxious to get started on our Fall and Winter garden! John has been such a great help in getting the garden tilled and ready for me to plant.  He was out there today helping me along, too, and is hooking up the automatic water sprinklers as we go. 

Today we prepped and planted the carrots. There are 5 different varieties of carrots in this bed - Amarillo, Dragon, Sugar Snax, St. Valery, and Chantenay Red Core.

I also potted up one of the banana trees that we got back in April.  That little tiny plant (I think it was all of about 6 inches tall when it came in the mail) has grown to about 3 foot! I'll be moving all three of them into bigger pots in the next few days and they will spend the winter in the greenhouse.
This is the Dwarf Orinoco banana. It's looking very healthy -- hoping for good things next spring.

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