Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- September 12, 2017

Fall garden planting has been progressing.  I'm planting one bed a day -- NOT a race, not a race! ha! John's following behind me and putting in the water system.  (Full disclosure, he's helping with a lot of the prep too.) Love him!

Here's what we have planted so far:

Does anyone know how to post an Excel file in Blogger and have it save the formatting? I can't figure it out, so I too a picture of the file instead. I feel so dumb right now. There has to be a way to do it.

I listed the carrots in the last post, so here's what's in Row 2:

Pink Plume Celery - Seed Savers Exchange
Golden Celery - Seedsnow.com
Palco Spinach - Territorial Seed
Matador Viking Spinach - Seedsnow.com
American Spinach - Seed Savers Exchange
Red Kitten Spinach - Johnny's Select Seeds
Golden Beets - Seedsnow.com
White Beets - Seedsnow.com
Rainbow Chard - Ferry Morse

Today we planted green beans (I had a few seeds left over from the spring garden, so decided to use those up.) I hope we have time to get a crop before any freezes.

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