Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Fourteen --- Butterflies

August 8, 2017

This week we're learning all about butterflies! The girls started camp today by working on a page that demonstrated the four different stages of the life of a butterfly. We talked about the eggs (we glued rice on a picture of a leaf) that are laid on a leaf, then the caterpillar (spiral noodles) that hatches and eats the leaves, and then the chrysalis (a shell noodle) bursting into a butterfly (a butterfly sticker)!
We watched a little video on YouTube of this process as they were working on their worksheets. 

Up next we created butterfly feeders for the yard.  I got two plastic round trays from the Dollar Store, and John and KT went out to drill three holes in each on on the edges.  Then we tied these and strung colorful wooden beads on the strings and tied them together at the top.  John got each of them a carabiner to hand from the trees.  

 Silly girls!
Then we cut up some fruit real thin and laid it on the trays.  The girls then mixed up a thin syrup of sugar and water, and colored it. Then we went outside to hang them up and they poured the syrup in once they were up.

We'll have the best fed butterflies around!
Then we were off for our weekly trip to the library.
After lunch we made hair wreaths with ribbon, silk flowers, paper butterflies and any other little baubles that we could find.  They turned out very pretty!

 Of course, Joss wanted all yellow!
 KT made hers all by herself, even the hot glue!

After our swim (I didn't take any pictures!) we did some face painting - one of KT's favorite things to do in the world!  She does her own painting with a mirror, but I did Joss's butterfly.

Pink bunny
Joss was so tired, she fell asleep in my chair before we left for home!

On Thursday we're going to the San Antonio Zoo to see the Butterfly House, and of course all the other animals!

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