Saturday, August 26, 2017

Final Tally for Fruit Spring/Summer 2017

We had a pretty good year with the peaches, and have added several more varieties this spring.  The new trees and bushes are listed here along with the established plants.

Bad year for elderberries - we may have pruned them too severely last fall. Ditto for the blackberries. Just a poor year for them.

Still no apples. We planted these two trees in December of 2012, so they've been in the ground for 4 full years, so I'm pretty discouraged by them.  Thankfully they are pretty trees, so they'll stay for shade anyway. Sigh...

Fire Ant Ranch Fruit
Type Variety Pounds Ounces
Peach Rio Grande (4) 59 1 0.4
Peach Loring
Peach Red Skin
Peach Sam Houston
Peach LaFeliciana
Peach TexStar (2) 0 1 0.7
Apple Gala
Apple Pink Lady
Nectarine Suncoast (2)
Plum Methley 1 6 0.6
Plum Gulf Beauty (2)
Plum Santa Rosa (2)
Elderberries York/Adams 0 13 0.9
Blackberries Chester Thornless (1) 0 6 0.3
Blackberries Aztec Thornless (5)
Blackberries Sweetie Pie Thornless (3)
Blackberries Arapaho Thornless (2)
Raspberries Black (3)
Raspberries Glencoe Thornless (2)
Fig Brown Turkey
Mulberry Dwarf Everbearing (2) 1 1 0.8
Mulberry Russian (2)
Pear Orient
Pear Warren
Pecans Choctaw (2)
Pecans Pawnee
Pecans Kiowa
Grapes Various 
Total Fruit 62 9 0.7

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