Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Fifteen --- Butterflies

August 10, 2017

We're at the zoo! And it's VERY hot!  I'm glad we came early.  
 Our first stop was at the Butterfly house.  
 Lots of different butterflies and feeders.  You really have to watch where you walk in there, or you could walk on one! 

 Outside there are some HUGE bug statues - a butterfly and a caterpillar! We also found some grasshoppers down the lane.

 We went through the snake house and the aquarium, too!

 Time out for a slushie! Did I mention it was hot!?

Honestly, the zoo needs to relocate this metal hippo statue - that thing is so hot in this Texas sun, I'm sure plenty of little ones get burned hands climbing on it.  There's a sign on it, but how many little kids can read it?
 We found the carousel - this was Joss's favorite thing.  She loved it! She chose the hyena to ride, and KT was on a dragon.

 I had to ride with Joss since John's not big on going around and around, and I didn't want to see him throw up at the zoo! ha!

The girls spent some time in the petting zoo - the animals were too hot to even move.  I don't blame them! 

 KT is a ladybug!

It was just so hot, so we left at about 1pm to go get lunch at McDonalds.  The girls got to play in their playground for a bit while John and I relaxed.

Then it was home for our daily swim.

 We had a little time after swimming, so we did some chalk art on the pavilion!  These turned out so cute!  I love my little butterflies!

Next week we're studying weather. See you then!

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