Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Six --- SSsnakesss!

Thursday's are field trip day, so we were off to the Animal World and Snake Farm in New Braunfels, Texas.  First stop - breakfast at Jim's Coffee Shop.
Then we were on the road!
 We were pretty impressed with the snake farm - they have put some money into it since I was there as a child. They also have some very venomous snakes - frightening!

In the back they have quite a few zoo animals and some nice enclosures for them. It was hot, but most of the animals were out and easily viewed.  KT got a chance to hold a big yellow snake. She said it was heavy! 
 We got to see alligators, monkeys, lemurs, several birds, a bunch of capybara, foxes, wolves, a sloth, jaguar (both spotted and black) and a bison.  They had a pretty big petting zoo with all kinds of goats, sheep, pigs of several sizes, and even a llama!
Whew! Time for lunch - stopped at Peter Piper Pizza and had a hectic lunch (that place is LOUD!) but the girls always love it there. They played games afterward and rode some rides.
 Then it was home and a cool swim!  
Next week is a holiday week, so no camp on Tuesday, but on Thursday we're having Water Play All Day!

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