Monday, July 24, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Seven --- Water Play All Day!

Since this was a holiday week, we only had one day of camp on Thursday.  Our theme was "Water Play All Day" and we really did play in the water all day!  

Purple was a popular color!

We were all in our bathing suits all day, too! We started camp with a water pour station.  The girls got to mix colors in all kinds of containers and mix and match and pour and spill to their hearts content.

We all had a morning swim and then mixed some more! Then it was time to dress and go to lunch at our local Mexican restaurant.
When we got home we got back in our suits and tried to create a "red neck water sprinkler."  Basically you take an empty liter soda bottle, attach a hose (ideally with duct tape, though we had to use black electric tape since we didn't have any duct tape), poke holes in the bottle and turn the water on.  
It really worked for about 1 second, then the tape popped. Darn!  I think it would have been awesome if we had the right materials. 
Back to the mixing station for some more water and food colors!

Then back to the pool for the rest of the day, with breaks for Popsicles. 

Next week we're going "Under the Sea!"

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