Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Five --- SSsnakesss!

This week we're talking SNAKES! Not my favorite creature, but somehow kids are fascinated with them, aren't they? We started camp by having to walk a narrow plank over a snake pit to get to the pavilion!! Yikes!! 

 The girls were so cute and funny about these "pretend" snakes -- they ooh'd and aah'd and shrieked at all the right times! So much fun!

Our first activity was making snakes out of tissue paper. The girls decorated them first, then we tried to pick them up using a balloon and static electricity.  We had some minor success, but they had a lot more fun just running around with the snakes trailing behind them. 

This was fun - we made snake bubbles! You cut the bottom off of a regular plastic water bottle, then pull a sock over it and fasten it on by putting a rubber band around it. Then dip the end in regular dish soap (diluted with a little water) and then blow into the bottle mouth. Worked GREAT!! KT was a champ at it immediately, but it was a little to hard for Joss. John ended up having to help her make her snake.

 They put the snake pit snakes in a basket, and we talked about snake charmers some, then we were off to the library.

 When we got home, we had snake wrapped (1/2 biscuit rolled into a snake) hot dogs dipped in snake blood (ketchup!) 
 Time for a swim and then we did some face painting! The girls had lots of fun getting painted up!

Thursday we're taking a trip to the snake farm!

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