Friday, July 7, 2017

Big Bend and Lajitas Trip

June 13 - June 16  I'm really late in getting this post done. Downloading the pics to Google Pics is getting harder and slower for me for some reason.

We had a great time on our trip to the Lajita Golf Resort and Big Bend.  Jeff and Colleen and the girls went out earlier with their camper, and we followed on Tuesday.

These two are best buddies lately!

The resort was just beautiful - we stayed in the "Officer's Quarters" and actually had a little suite with a sitting room. Very nice, and I can highly recommend if you're going out to visit the park.  John and Jeff played golf one day and raved about how nice the course was.  According to John it was the most beautiful course he's ever played, and that's saying something!

It was HOT, and when I say hot I mean HOT. We spent time in the swimming pool and in the air conditioning as much as possible, ate lots of good food, and took a car trip to see the sights in Big Bend. 

Went to eat one evening at a restaurant in Lajitas that was very popular - the Starlight Theatre Restaurant & Saloon.  They had live music and some pretty good food. 

 The graves up on the way to the restaurant. Very old.
A fun trip, but very not there. I think I'd recommend going in the fall when the heat is more reasonable!

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