Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- March 30, 2017

Checking in on the main garden, the broccoli is growing very well! 
The beet seeds seemed to have completely germinated -- more then I expected. They're growing well too! 
 The bed of Jade Bush beans are up and definitely benefited from the lightening storm we had the other night.
Lest you think everything is growing well, I definitely had a germination fail in the carrot bed.  The entire row of "Tendersweet" carrots seem to have about a 25% germination, and these were new seeds, too. They look pretty sad next to the other three varieties. Tsk!
John's grapes are waking up slowly. There's even a few small clusters of grapes on some of them.
Today I planted a patch of Red Swan bush beans in Bed #4A.  In between these and the hot peppers I tucked in a row of red onions that I still needed to get in the ground.

And at the end of bed #4A John put in a short fence for a few cucumbers plants.  I'm not growing a whole lot of these since I made lots of pickles last year and don't need to make any for a few years. These Burpless F1 Hybrid Cucumbers will be just for fresh eating. 

The tomatillo are looking fantastic - they are a good 2 foot tall already and the Amarillo plants already have small fruit on them. 
 Some excitement this week! We found our first ripe mulberries - very tiny - but still exciting! I'm sure they will be bigger each year, but I was so happy to see these!

 Today's harvest was more of the Sea Foam Swiss Chard and a few stems of the Orange Fantasia Swiss Chard, along with a few red onions that I'm thinning to give the others more room to grow.
My outdoor sink came in today so tomorrow John is going to install it for me! More tomorrow!

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