Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My New Garden Sink and Veggie Station!

I love my handy husband! He's always thinking of ways to improve our gardening experience.  In this case, after he finished the new greenhouse, he took down the old one and decided to put something else on top of the cement pad. Since he never does things half way, he's building me an AWESOME area to work with plants and wash vegetables from the garden, including a sink and counter.  
 He's got the four corners up, and the roof frame, but wants to wait until we harvest the peaches from our Rio Grande peach tree that's got one errant branch drooping down into the structure.  Since it's loaded with peaches, we don't want to disturb it too much until they are ripe. Then he can trim that branch off without hurting the tree.
 At the back he created a counter (at table height for me so that I can sit and work in the sink for an extended time.) 
Underneath he's put shelves to keep items under the sink, while still allowing room for the chair to pull up underneath. 
I bought the neatest heavy duty tray I wanted to use for the sink, but John's rejected it. He says the ridges in this buss boy tub won't drain well, and he'd have a hard time putting in a drain, so I'll keep this and use it for other things (harvest bucket?)
We ordered a utility sink instead and he'll install it when it gets here.  Meanwhile, I'll stain the counter and shelves.  More pictures when he's done!

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