Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- March 28, 2017

Time to talk peppers! The peppers in the main garden are in. I have the sweet peppers in Bed #1E. They are:

  • Gypsy (6)
  • Candy Apple (1)
  • Yellow Bell (1)
  • Cubanelle (1)
  • King of the North Red (1)

 The hot peppers are all the way on the other side of the garden in Bed #4A.  All of these are pretty mild heat. I love jalapenos, so the ajis will be mild compared to them. I'm only growing one jalapeno since I put up so many last year.

  • Jalapeno (1) Heat Scale 8000
  • Aji Golden [Yellow] (3) Heat Scale 1000
  • Aji Angelo [Red] (3) Heat Scale 1000

Then in the potted garden I have extra ajis of both kinds in two pots, a pot of Beaver Dam peppers (another Heat Scale 1000) that I got seeds from my Facebook group, and one Violet Sparkle (sweet) that was soooo-o-o late coming up that I had given up on it, threw the pot in a pile and when I was going to clean them up and put them away, I found this one little plant trying hard to live. 

I also have a pot with a small orange pepper I called JR's Orange Pepper (sweet), since he brought me a couple of these from a delivery he had from Truckin' Tomato last year.  I saved the seeds and they have grown! I tried some Hatch pepper seeds, but no bueno. 

More from the garden tomorrow! I'm going to put a lot of effort into finishing my planting by early next week.

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