Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- March 26, 2017

I've planted just about every herb that I can fit into this little bed in front of our potting shed. 

In the little wagon there's the lovage and chocolate mint.
 Off to the side there's all of those aloe vera plants that I over wintered in the greenhouse - they get shade there all afternoon and evening and seem to like it that way - but I've really got to re-pot them. There's so many baby plants in there that are crowding the pots.  Anyone want one? 
 In the bed there's a lemon balm plant in a pot that's about 3 years old. It's been cut back and it's growing gang busters right now. There's Mexican tarragon and one small dill that I started by seed.  It's the only one that came up, but its doing well and growing.

There's an Italian flat leaf parsley and a curly leaf parsley. I dried so much parsley last year I don't really need much, so these are just for using fresh. Behind those is a yellow pot with globe basil that was in the greenhouse all winter. Those seeds all came up, but just stayed small all winter until I moved it outside and fertilized it, then it sprang to life! There's an Italian basil that I started from seed right next to it.

I've never had much luck with thyme, but I do love it, so I had to buy one at the nursery this year. It's a German thyme and I hope I can keep it alive.
Next is the bronze fennel, and a lemon mint in a pot that I started from seed. And finally there a huge garlic chives that just keeps on chugging along for about three years in the same place.  It's having babies this year, so I think I'll pot some of those up to add in other places.
At the end of the bed I stuck another tomato - I hate to waste those beautiful little tomato plants, so I just try to find places for them.  This one is a Costoluto Genovese. 
Then there's various herbs that I planted out in the main garden between beds and some in pots.  There's peppermint, cilantro, blue spice basil, lime basil, a regular sage that's two years old, a pineapple sage, and a huge two year old bed of oregano that's taking over a corner of the garden. It smells so good when I brush by it.  I love the herbs!

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