Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spring Garden Beginnings

Geez, I've sure ignored my little blog lately -- there's just been so much going on and by the evenings, I've been just too tired to think about it. But lately I've been making plans and making a few beginnings for the spring garden, so I need to start logging my progress. 
John got me these nice trays with inserts and clear covers at Christmas time, and I'm really putting them to work.  I've spent all winter saving toilet paper rolls, and cut in half they fit perfectly in these inserts!
So far I've started the tomato seeds. These are some that I got from a Facebook seed sharing group that I belong to:

  1. Carbon - a large black tomato, indeterminate
  2. Chocolate Amazon - a large purple tomato, indeterminate
  3. Mikhalych - a large red tomato, indeterminate
  4. Blueberries - black cherry
  5. Dagma's Perfection - medium orange, indeterminate
  6. Japanese Black Trifle - medium pear, burgundy, indeterminate

I also started the Tomatillo:
  1. Amarylla - yellow, from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  2. Purple de Milpa - purple tinged, from Seed Savers Exchange
Also two types of Huckleberries and a Ground Cherry:
  1. Chichiquelite Huckleberry
  2. Garden Huckleberry (the same ones I grew last year)
  3. Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries
And to finish off this tray, I started a few sweet peppers:
  1. King of the North red pepper from Seeds Savers Exchange
  2. Violet Sparkle - from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

I had already started a couple of hot peppers and they've already got their first leaves.  I've had to re-pot them once already! These I also got from a blogger that I follow who was offering some of his saved seeds. There are some very generous people in the gardening community! These are supposed to be a medium heat pepper.

  1. Aji Angelo  - this link is to examples of this type of pepper. The Angelo is red.
  2. Aji Golden - this was the name the grower gave me, so I'm guessing it's the Amarillo.

This is a start! I have more to report on, but I'll save for the next post.

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