Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Prep for the Spring Garden

Next up, I've started a tray of herbs in the greenhouse:  
  1. Basil, Blue Spice - from Pinetree Seeds
  2. Basil, Italiano Classico - from Pinetree Seeds
  3. Lovage -
  4. Lemon Mint -
  5. Horehound -
  6. Dill Bouquet -
  7. Parsley, Triple Moss Curled -
  8. Parsley, Dark Green Italian -

Some of them are already sprouting - the basil was first. 

I've had almost nothing but failure with onions in my garden - occasionally I'll have some really small onions that are actually usable, but I'm totally NEVER giving up. I'm determined to succeed, so I'm following a group on Facebook that has a sub-group for growing onions - the fellow leading the group is giving tips and instruction on how to start and grown them. So far so good.

The seeds were sown and are now growing.  I'm waiting to find out what to do next.
  1. Texas Grano 502 - Ferry Morse Seeds
  2. Sweet Spanish Yellow Utah Jumbo - Ferry Morse Seeds

I had a small packet of cotton seeds that I saved from some Mississippi Brown cotton I grew way back in 2012.  On a whim, I decided to plant a few of them to see if they were still any good, fully expecting them not to sprout. Imagine my surprise when 12 (so far) of the 15 seeds came up! Amazing! I'm hoping they'll continue to grow and provide some decor for the fall. 

I've filled up the greenhouse with little seedlings, but this is enough for this post - I'll have more next time!

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