Saturday, January 7, 2017

Taking Stock of My Seed Addiction

Today was another cold day, so I spent most of the day taking stock of my seed stash.  I do believe I have a problem -- I'm a seed collector/hoarder! Yikes. 

But I can't help it, there's always something I haven't heard of, or its new, or it looks interesting, or..or...I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! Ha!
I made a nice new spreadsheet of the types of seeds I have, their common names, what year they were packaged, where I got them from, and this time I included how long each type is usually viable. Good grief, I found out I have 30 different types of tomato seeds. 

In any case, I'm getting ready for an exciting spring garden!


  1. seed hoarder here too...I need to get them organized too...maybe one day

  2. I bought an eggplant. it was a bit old and the seeds were a bit mature. I scrapped the whole intended meal in order to capture the seeds.