Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Garden Update - November 1, 2016

It's been a while since I've updated the garden notes....I'm finally feeling well after the pneumonia, so I'm getting these weeds under control (well...I never get them totally in control, but as much as possible.) These are the Gonzales cabbages - it was hard to find them in all those weeds! I'll be putting a hay mulch down around these after I fertilize them in the next day or two.
 I got the weeds around the carrot patch, and next up is the collards.
 My summer tomatoes have come back and we have quite a few big tomatoes on these plants.  The plants aren't looking pretty, but they are still producing.
 I got the kale plants all weeded and mulched. I'm pretty sure these will withstand the cold and last all winter.  We'll see how cold it gets -- which so far is NOT VERY COLD! ha! We're actually still getting summer temps -- I'd actually like a little cooler weather.
 This is the Lacinato Kale (dinosaur kale) plant - pretty!
  The lettuce is just about totally weeded - need to mulch it yet.

 I started on the choy plants and decided to go ahead and pick all of the Extra Dwarf Pak Choy since they were starting to flower already.  We had some of this in salad and will use the rest in a stir fry.  I'll be putting out new seeds this week for the next batch.  I still need to weed the green choy and the Bak Choy plants and then will mulch those.
The Little Marvel peas are starting to show up now -- these are about 1-1/2 foot tall plants, bigger then the Strike peas, and much bigger pods.  
I started some pots of greens for the greenhouse thinking that it would be getting colder soon, but I can't put them in the greenhouse yet -- we're still too hot. They are growing well out in the yard in front of the greenhouse, though. 

Little kales

We're still bringing in these lovely Gypsy peppers -- I have a new favorite pepper.  Sweet, small and prolific. 
So, all in all, the fall garden is going strong. More work to do to catch up, but I'm having fun!

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