Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pumpkin Patch, October 2016

I wish I could report first hand on how the pumpkin patch trip went this year, but I didn't go .... I'm still not well enough to walk around that long, especially in the heat.  (You KNOW how bad I still feel if I would stay home from this event that I look forward to every year -- especially since it was Max's first time!!!!) But I know that I would have held every one up, and made myself just that much sicker.  So I stayed home and John took some pictures for me.

This was my favorite!! Max is really such a happy boy. He smiles all the time!
I love this one, too!  Ashley and her boy.
Taylor and KT, painting pumpkins.
Mighty Max!
Ashley and Max

Here's a few pictures that Colleen took today, too.  

Afterwards they came back home and we had a nice lunch, and the kids ran all over the place.  We had some tasty sliders, then an apple dip bar for dessert.  Delicious!

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