Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Barn Raising!

Well, not really another barn - a carport!  John has been planning to put up a carport for years -- and the time was finally right.  He did a lot of the work himself, but asked JR and Jeff to come help out on Sunday to finish up the roof.  Managing the tin and climbing ladders by himself is just getting to be too hard, so I'm glad he's finally asking for help when he needs it.  Colleen came and worked out there with them too! The four of them worked out there most of the day, but got it all done! Now John is planning what he wants to do on the ground under the cars - maybe gravel, cement, asphalt???  And he's going to install some lights.

Ashley has been sick, so she stayed home, but I got to keep Max most of the day, and the two girls ran around all day, too.  I was in Mimi heaven!

Here's a few pics of the day.  The photo of the carport was taken by Colleen.
The carport while they were all on ladders....
 Max's many moods...
Joss wanted to help feed Max, she would put the bottle in, but then lay it down on top of him. Ha! 
She wasn't willing to stand there and hold it for him.
 The girls got their Halloween baskets -- that kept them busy for most of the day!

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