Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gate Wreath

I saw this wreath on Pinterest and decided this would make the perfect fall touch out on our gate.  Of course, nothing I make looks just like the one I see online, but I love how it turned out.

First, I had to get John to cut me a bunch of little wood discs.  He just pulled a piece of firewood from the barn, which happened to be pecan wood.  Such a beautiful wood.  Then I lined these up and sprayed them on both sides with an indoor/outdoor clear varnish, just enough to protect them from the weather, but not too shiny.
 I bought a wooden wreath form and attached a loop to hand it with using floral wire.
 Then, using wood glue, I glued the first layer of discs 
and let them dry overnight.
 Pretty wood grain!
 Then I glued another double layer of discs to the first layer, a few at a time, weighing them down with some heavy objects until they dried. This process took a couple of days, since I could only do about six discs at a time.  I'm sure there was probably a better way, but it worked for me. 
That wood glue is amazing once it dries -- holds fast!
 Then I made a bow with burlap and some leather strips, and attached it to the 
bottom with some more floral wire.

Happy Fall!

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