Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Garden Notes -- August 31, 2016

Not much to report except that we've started the vegetable garden clean-up to get ready for a fall garden.  Yesterday all of the okra plants were pulled up (thanks, John!) and fed to the deer.  They stripped those things clean in no time.

Then John pulled up all of the stakes, etc. and mowed, I raked, and then he tilled the garden for me.  

Meanwhile, I cleaned up all of the pepper plants, cutting them down some, weeding and fertilizing, then covering the ground with a thick layer of hay.  I'm keeping these going until the first frost, which should be several months away for us. We've already harvest over 22 pounds of peppers so far this year!  I'm also leaving several of the tomato plants just to eek out a few more until frost. I'll be working around those plants tomorrow, fertilizing and mulching with hay.

Turk on the left, Gray on the right

The turkeys joined us for the morning, following both of us around and snatching bugs whenever we uncovered them.  These two are totally entertaining, especially Turk.  She's such a pet.

I'm having a very frustrating time trying to start plants for the fall garden - of all the seeds I planted a few weeks ago, I have ONE cabbage plant to show for it.  Very frustrating.  I'm going to try again, but this wasn't a good start.  Sigh..... None of my tomato seeds came up - they may have been too old. I think I'll just toss all of these and buy a couple of plants for the greenhouse. We go with the flow...right?!

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