Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A little crafting for the fall season....

I don't know what it is about fall, but I always get the craft bug when September rolls around.  I've spent the last couple of days working on a few projects - one is this sign for the front entryway.  It's two sided (I got the inspiration for it from Pinterest, of course) so I can use if for early fall, and again when November rolls around.  It was lots of fun to work on.
 I just used a board that I found out in John's barn (hope he didn't need this one!), sprayed one side with orange paint, and the other side with brown.  Then I printed up the letters using Word.  I rub pencil on the back side, then trace the letters out on the board - the pencil leaves a border for me to work with.
 Then fill in the letters with acrylic paint.  Then I did some leaf rubbings on the bottom of the board (fall colors of acrylic paint on the front of a few leaves from our big oak tree), then just rubbed and pulled off.  I let this all dry overnight, then filled in the veining of the leaves a little, just to make them look complete.
 Next I did a little fly speckling using black paint to give the sign an aged look.
 After the speckles dried, I rubbed the entire side with a "scratch and cover" oil to age and finish it.  One side done!
 I'm not quite sure where I'll put it yet, but here's how it will look on the porch.
 Then I did the same on the brown side, following all the same steps.  I didn't speckle this side, and I used a picture of a turkey that I cut out at the bottom. I just put paint on a sponge and pressed around the turkey to leave the impression.

Should look good come November! 
Now I'm off to make a couple of fall wreaths!

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